Tuesday, 12 January 2010


Welcome to my new blog NattieNoodle, little bit nervous with it being my first one, mainly regarding the fear that no one will read it xD, but I'm sure that's what most new bloggers start out like :).

My main reason for starting this blog is to show others my crafts (with my very few skills) and hopefully show my progression. Also so I don't slack off xD.

I love to draw, even though my drawings aren't fantastic, I find it a good release, as well as crafting whether it's with clay or sewing.

I'm new to sewing, bought my first sewing machine last September. Sewing never really caught my eye at school, but I've recently had the urge to have myself and give to others something that's unique. Plus my family keep telling that I should do something with my animal drawings xD.

I know I'm not the best crafter, but I hope with this blog and bloggers (hopefully!) that I'll be able to learn new techniques and improve.

I'll try to update this blog twice a week, but hopefully more often. I may also incorporate a few of my other interests into my posts, which include photography, baking and nendoroids.

Thanks for reading.

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