Friday, 22 January 2010

Bambi and Sonic/Clover...

Are finally finished (no more sorting out the polyester stuffing for a while). First off we have Bambi, was going to be a Valentines present for my mum but I couldn't wait XD.

Love how he turned out and as my mum said he kind of does have an owl-ish look xD. Finished off with a satin ribbon (that my mum had to redo because mmine kept coming undone).


Turned out way better than I thought he would, specially as I had to unpick the body and star again :K. Undecided with the name, it's either Sonic or Clover (probably stick with both xD). I lightly stuffed the wings to give a bit of stiffness.

Love my little bat :D

Need to start something else now and I know just what that is :D.

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