Saturday, 23 January 2010

Christmas pressies for my family...

Just a quick post (mainly pic orientated) of the presents I made for my family.
Set it around my animal drawings and so they each got a specific animal. My mum was a reindeer, dad was a moose (his nickname), my brother was a polar bear and his girlfriend was a mouse :D.
First off we have the stockings (Forgot to get a finished pic of my brothers and his girlfriends, so I'll hopefully update them at a later stage).
....Pics to come XD....
Made out of felt with the animal appliqued on, found some lovely snowflake buttons at my aunt's shop. In my mind they were supposed to hold all the baked goods, figure and plushies, but I made too much and only the plushies went in xD.
Next are the figures I made out of fimo and painted with acrylics. They were fun (and messy) to make. (Horrid pics).
Lastly and personally my favourite (and everyone else's) are the plushies. Found some lovely minkee on ebay (can't seem to find any where I live)
They all turned out so well :D

Hopefully I'll update the nasty pics with better ones soon :D.

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