Wednesday, 10 February 2010


Placed an order a couple of weeks ago and it arrived Saturday :D. I was only going to buy the Croissant, as I was running low, but they have so many lovely colours I also got Orange and Soleil. I have a few ideas of some plushies I can make with them :D.
Love the quality of this minkee and if anyone is interested in buying some, here's where I get mine from Minky Passion. Great customer service :D
Now that it's arrived, I'm thinking of starting my Folksy/Etsy shop maybe this weekend. Little bit nervous xD


  1. Great colors! and good luck with the folksy or etsy shop. I have both and really enjoy running them.

  2. Looks very strokable! Good luck with your shop - Twit, Twoo and Ember are lovely, so I'm sure you'll be very successful :-)

  3. Wow - great colours!

    Good luck with your shop, have faith!!

    Dottie x

  4. thanks for all the encouragement :).

    I know, they have so many nice colours for sale, it's so tempting XD